Ballet is characterized by the gracefulness of movement and posture. At the same time, this dance places great demands on flexibility, strength and concentration. Ballet is well-known for its discipline and posture, and in addition mistakes in movements and malpositions can be corrected. This self-control is brought closer to the dance with rhythmic building exercises. The lesson covers each person individually. The promotion of the sense of rhythm and musicality also promotes the mental and emotional connection with the movement.

Modern Dance

Modern is an experience of movement based on dynamics. The purpose of Modern Dance is to express emotions with movement and to start using the body in a creative and artistic way.

Contemporary Jazz

Description to follow shortly. 

Jazz Dance

Fast, lively and dynamic – that’s what today’s jazz dance is known for. You will learn basic techniques as well as trendy choreographies accompanied with current music.

Kreativer Tanz / Kindertanz

Through the language of dance and movement, children can express their creativity, ideas and feelings freely. Playful exercises and improvisations encourage rhythmically, musically and helps discover their individuality. The natural handling of the body and the sensitivity of the children among each other is promoted by working in groups.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a young and fresh dance style that awakens joy in movement and rhythm. You learn how to skillfully move to hip sounds and rhythms and express yourself through dance.


Circling hips and smooth movements combined with powerful moves and hip-hop basics. The street dance Ragga has its roots in reggae and is a mixture of dancehall and hip-hop. The movements and dance forms in Ragga promote the body feeling. There’s a lot of shaking, circling and hopping – just danced!

Dance Hall

Aus dem Reggae entwickelte sich die Musikrichtung Dancehall. In Jamaika entwickelte sich aus dieser Musikrichtung ein eigener expressiver Tanzstil, welcher Afro, Street, Reggae und Hip Hop mischt. Die tolle Musik und die passenden Dancehall Choreographien reissen einfach mit und bereiten viel Spass.


Dancehall evolved from the well-known music genre known as Reggae. In Jamaica, this style of music evolved into an expressive style of dance that mixes afro, street, reggae and hip-hop. The lively music and the matching  dancehall choreographies are just great and fun to dance.

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